Bullshit on My Divine Purpose

I believe my Divine Purpose is to experience and share love as well as to work towards healing other using myself often as an example. There is the archetype of the wounded healer, and I often laugh because I see myself at times as the crazy therapist, a sort of take on that archetype. I currently am a licensed therapist who works with both adults and children. I often work with those who other therapists will not work with either because of the severity or multiplicity of their problems or because of their socioeconomic status. I have worked with severely abused children and adults, usually working within either the foster care system, the adult protective system, or the juvenile justice system. I love my work with my patients, but I also have a clear understanding that there will come a time when this will not be at the center of my work or my life for many reasons. I would like the opportunity to work with different populations and to work more on the “big picture” part of these issues. I have both physical and psychological issues of my own, and I am not one who shies away from mentioning them or pretends they do not exist. I do that for my own benefit, to avoid denial. But, even more so, I do that because it allows me to connect with people who often shut out this type of work as being too esoteric or too out of touch with the real world. Being a bit of a diamond in the rough myself has allowed others to feel more comfortable with me. I find myself often talking to complete strangers about their innermost problems and issues. I would love to expand into other areas where I feel drawn as well. That whole “purpose” thing has been difficult for me to articulate because I seemed to be pulled in so many directions and have not yet found how to make all of that fit into a cohesive life. I love animals and have used my two dogs in my work even. I am a vegetarian and care deeply about animal welfare issues. That is somehow a part of my purpose as well. I also feel I am an artist. My first love was the stage, and no matter how old I get, there is still that little dream of giving an Oscar acceptance speech in the back of my mind. I think those whispers often come from the Divine as well. That may not be where I am ultimately led, but that whisper is important. I feel a pull towards all arts, including dance and writing and other forms of creating. I am on a journey, an often bumpy, bumbling journey. And, I feel that I have been able to be enough of a “real” person that I have the ability to help others on their journeys as well. I don’t know what is around the next bend, but I am eager to get to the next place and write the next chapter. I am a learner and a teacher, a patient and a therapist, an artist, and a dog mom. The last may be the best!


~ by Janice Holladay on September 4, 2011.

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